Senin, 29 April 2013

3 Ways to Apply Eyeliner

Hello readers, today i'm going to post about three ways to apply your eyeliner.
Eyeliner is such an important thing in make-up, it can define your eye shape and change the way you look immediately. The very basic type of eyelining eye is tight line your eye to make you eyelashes looks fuller. And then there goes the winged. So, here they are some winged-eye  :
1. Elongating eyeliner.
This is the most favorite for almost all girls. It slightly cat-eye but in natural way. After lining your upper eyelid, take a straight line from your bottom eyelid and make a 45 degrees line. Then draw to fill your eyeliner. Elongating eyeliner fits almost for all of us, including the monolid eyes.

2. Droopy-eyed
The droopy-eyed type is quite popular nowadays because of K-pop syndrome. We know that Hyuna and Suzy MissA really like to draw their eyes with droopy-eyed looks. This can make your eyes look innocent and girly. But not everyone can pull of this look, some people will look sleepy XD
After lining your upper eyelid, keep drawing the eyeliner until it going down and stop when your eyeiner in the same height with your bottom eyelid.

3. Cat-eye
The dramatic yet so pretty! i love cat-eyeliner, but i don't think it suitable for everyday look, especially i have a quite big eyes, so i can look too much if i draw this kind of eyeliner. But it some occasions when i apply quite heavy eye-makeup, this is the perfect type of eyeliner that i would draw.
The point is almost the same with elongating eyeliner, but this time you can draw a bit higher and then fill your eyeliner from the middle of your eyelid to make it connected.

All i can say from using eyeliner is keep practicing! Everybody has different eye shape, so what works on me may not works on you. So, good luck~

And here are my face of the day with elongating eyeliner XD

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  1. I love the first and third one the most :D
    alismu bagus sekali dear hihi
    new follower here, mampir2 juga yaa ke

  2. pretty!

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