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My Favourite Face Product

Hello everybody! I'm so sorry for not updating this blog regularly, and today i want to update about my favourite face products, such as Foundation, BB Cream, Concealer, Blush On, Bronzer, and Primer.

Since i'm not good at words, let's move to the main point of this post! The first is :

1. Primer
I have to admit that i'm not a really addicted to primer because of my normal skin and make-up usually stays in place even in the end of the day (without too much touch-up). I'm kinda grateful for my skin condition though :p
But my favourite primers are :
- Make Up For Ever HD Primer in Neutral

  Because this primer is in Neutral, it doesn't correct skintone or hyperpigmented or redness. But what i really like about this primer is the smooth, translucent and silky texture. It's so easy to blend and make your makeup lasts longer :)
- Benefit Porefessional.
  My second favourite primer. And since i dont have big pores, i can't really say the difference about the "porefessional" effect. But in my experience, Benefit Porefessional has better oil control than Make Up For Ever HD Primer.

2. BB Cream
BB Cream is a really booming product lately, and for me BB Cream is a saviour when i'm in a hurry, because i don't have to apply sunblock + makeup separately. For regular days, i like to use : Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

For the first time, I already tried out some BB Creams such as Skinfood AloeVera and Etude Bright Fit. Then i thought "hmm there's nothing special about BB Cream, they're not blendable nicely and i'm not a fan of glowing finish". But then i tried out Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23, and I LOVE IT! The consistency is better than my all BB Cream, it's lightweight and blendable, and it doesn't give me that glowing oily effect! The other benefit is it contains SPF 42 and it's truly a simple way to take care of my skin + looks pretty! hahaha..

3. Foundation
For some reasons i like foundation better. Some says that foundation always the "heavier" product than BB Cream, but i think if you find the right and nice foundation, all i can say is i love foundation more than BB Cream. My most favourite foundations are :
- Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation #32

  I really like foundation with light coverage and feels like my own skin, lol. And this foundation is the perfect choice for me :) The watery texture is super blendable and i don't feel like using any makeup in my face! But for those who wants full coverage, this product is not for you hehe.

- Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat #B40
  My second favourite, has medium coverage and gives you a glowing effect. I notice that after 3-4 hours, it glows more and more, so for those with oily skin, maybe you should touch-up with powder a little :) But still, it's a lovely foundation from YSL :)

4. Concealer
When i'm too lazy to apply any BB Cream or Foundation, i will just apply concealer on my dark circles. And my very very favourite concealer for dark circle is : Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer!
At first i'm really desperate to find a good concealer to cover my bad dark circle, then i decided to give this product a try. I remember that i didn't fall in love immediately with this product, and i almost forgot that i have this concealer. And one day, i randomly want to use this again, then i realize how good it is!
I have in no. 1, which is a peachy colour and really good to brighten up your eyes. But I recommend to set up with powder, or it will creases in 4-5 hours.

5. Powder
Every woman will need a good powder, right? hehe. I like using loose powder more than presser powder, but still, i can't live without these two things :)
For loose powder, my favourite is :
- MAC Mineralize Loose Powder in Medium
the texture is soft and gives you light-medium coverage. What i like about this powder is : it's match my skintone really well, not too pink and not too yellow. It also has a good oil-control.

- Shu Uemura Face Architect Powder

a wonderful product from Shu Uemura! Good for setting up your makeup, and good for touch-up without cracking up your makeup! It has yellow undertone, and sometimes when i'm getting more tan, i can't really use this product too much. But i really love it! <3

6. Bronzer
- Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit #2

I'm not using this everyday, but in special occasions this product is a must for me. I have a quite chubby cheeks and not-so-sharp nose, so this product is a magic for me :D
It contains two colours, the brown colour is for contouring and the white colour is for highlighting :)
The pigmentation is great but not too harsh for our face.

7. Blush On
I have sooooo many blush on in my traincase! But i just love these two blush on the most!
- Benefit Coralista
  This is my very very favourite blush! I love the colours, the packaging and everything about it! I feel really great with peachy-coral colour rather than pink colour because it gives you a fresh and natural finish :) Benefit Coralista has a bit shimmer in it, so when you apply this on your cheeks, you instantly looks fresh and healthy lol.
- Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful
  For a special occasion, i will choose pink colour than peachy colour, because it goes along well with contouring rather than peach colour, in my opinion though, lol.
And this blush is my favourite pink blush, the pigmentation is amazing, so you better apply this with light-handed hehe. It also doesn't have shimmer like Coralista. The colour is soooooo pretty and match my skin tone very well :)

left : Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in blissful
right : Benefit Coralista

So this is the end of my very very long post..
I'm so sorry if i can't describe as good as all of you, i'm such a newbie in blogging-world. hehehe XD

Tell me what would you like in my next post below! <3
Thanks <3

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  1. All great products :) Some similar with my favorites. I love MUFE Mat Velvet+ for foundation. Anw I just followed your blog, would be happy if you could drop by/follow mine too. http://peachysweetness.blogspot.com

  2. komplitttt banget mak!!! asooiiii dah..
    poreeeeeeeeeeeee nyaaaa :'(

  3. uWaaaaa penasaran sama BB cream nya . 0,0

    follow me back please ^^

  4. Eh makplo pny pondi ysl jg.. wkwk.. nomerny gelep amat mak?

    1. iya mak, bagus pondi ysl nya XD kaga noh, pas di kulit aye.. kan aye ga putih mak wkkww


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